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My Journey...So Far: Part 2 - Saving + Budgeting

Developing positive saving and budgeting skills will have a major impact on your financial journey. These tips will help you handle life’s necessities and give you the freedom to enjoy life without constant worry of how to afford it.

How to Save When You Just Want to Spend

Balance is important when it comes to saving and spending. Learn how to compromise so you can get what you want now and still reach your goals in the future.

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how to talk about money with your kids and get them to actually listen

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Build Yourself From the Ground Up

What is credit? It’s much more important than just being a type of card you use for purchases. Learn how to improve your credit score and take advantage of a higher credit score.

What's the Scoop?

Unfortunately, the PPP loans process disappointed many small businesses when the program started, but see how one Arizona ice cream shop kept on churning thanks to SunWest.

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