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Whether you’re out and about or comfy at home, SunWest Credit Union digital banking provides access to your money wherever you need it.

features you can appreciate

credit monitoring
online bill pay
mobile app
zelle + mobile wallet

banking at your fingertips

We love seeing your smiling face, but we know you have more important things to do sometimes than visit us for everyday banking. Sure, you may be the best part of our day, but hey, we’ll get over it after a good cry. What matters most is that you have the flexibility to bank wherever life takes you.

digital banking for the win:

We value your time and sanity. That’s why we’ve created a digital banking experience that gives you the access you need to view and interact with your SunWest accounts. Take a look at just some of the features available to you through Online Banking.

complete access

View the balances, account numbers, acount history, and details on all your accounts. Plus, transfer funds between your deposit accounts.

never miss an update

Customize email and text notifications for ultimate management of all your current and pending transactions.

e-sign documents

Sign select loan documents online.*

free e-statements

Set up e-statements where you can view, print, and save your monthly and quarterly statements.

own your credit score

Your credit score shouldn't be a mystery. Anytime access to your credit score is just a click away with Credit Sense.


Pay almost anyone or any bill using BillPay and person-to-person payments.

mysunwest on the go

Mobile banking is really where it’s at. Sure, desktops are still a thing, but research tells us the future is mobile.

1. find our mobile banking app

Simply scan or click one of the app store buttons below.
Google Play ButtonApple App Store Button
qr code to access the sunwest app

2. download

Download to your device. Our mobile banking app will appear with the name "MySunWest".

3. enroll

Open your MySunWest app + tap "Enroll now" if you're a first-time user.

Need a little help getting our app or digital banking set up?

Don't hesitate to reach out to us. Give us a call or visit any branch and we'll walk you through setting up your digital banking for online access.

mobilize your money with zelle®

Zelle is a fast, safe, and easy way to send money directly between almost any bank accounts in the U.S. SunWest is proud to offer this convenience to our members. Send, request, and receive money with Zelle - you’re only a few simple steps away.

  • set it up

    If Zelle does not show in your MySunWest App, please log into your account from our full site and enroll in BillPay. After enrolling, Zelle will be available to you both online and through mobile.

  • make money moves

    Send, request, and receive money with Zelle.

  • wait, i didn't mean to send that...

    Pending payments can be canceled with a stop payment fee of $25. Please note that if the recipient is already enrolled with Zelle, payments are typically deposited within moments.


Transfer funds between external accounts through TransferNow:

  • set it up

    To verify the primary account owner, SunWest will send two small deposits to the account you set up through online banking. You have 3 attempts to enter the correct deposit amounts. You do not need to be a BillPay user but must be enrolled in online banking.

  • free external transfers

    Transfer funds between SunWest Credit Union and up to 5 additional financial institutions. The minimum transfer amount is $10.

  • plan it out

    Schedule transfers for future and recurring dates.

  • send money lickety-split

    Send funds Next Day ($2.50 fee) or through our Standard Delivery (up to 3 Days).

credit sense

If understanding credit often seems like code breaking, you’re not the only one. Credit is a complicated equation, and not all of us majored in calculus or numerical statistics.

Luckily, you don’t need to be a mathematician to take control of your credit and financial future. With Credit Sense, you’ll have free access to pull your credit score and report without dinging your score, as well as:

  • daily credit monitoring
  • receive account alerts for major changes
  • see how different factors affect your score
  • view personalized offers
  • get financial tips to boost
    your credit profile + manage debt
  • access from your app or online

things just keep getting better

Not only can you check your accounts and move money around on the go thanks to our mobile app, but now you can also make purchases with your mobile device when shopping at your favorite retailer.

No more fumbling around your wallet searching for the right card with the pressure of the person next in line impatiently waiting their turn. Mobile Wallet from SunWest Credit Union makes it easy to purchase the things you need without having to worry about forgetting your card at home.

Digital Banking FAQ

How do I set up direct deposit?

How do I sign in to my online banking account?

How do I access or print my account statements?

that fine print, though

It's not the most fun to read, but we pride ourselves in being transparent so that our members can make educated financial decisions: e-sign act disclosure