Make Your Own Halloween Magic

Make your own magic this Halloween with crafts and activities from Pounce and Pals.

Hey, what's that sound?

There, in the bushes, it sounds like something's about to - Pounce! It's the little ocelot cub, in his homemade costume! October has begun, and Pounce and Paws are already super excited for Halloween. Who doesn't love dressing up and getting candy?!

While Paws enjoys picking out a new costume every year from the store, Pounce's favorite activity is creating his own

He's made half of it so far - help him finish the rest so he's ready for a spooky night of festivities! Ask your parents to post your colored creation, tag us @SunWestFCU, and include the hashtag #PounceAndPals for a chance to win a $25 gift card. Think of all the tricks or treats you could get! The winner will be announced Monday, October 26th!

Not everyone will be going trick-or-treating this year, but if you do, make sure to be safe!

Don't eat any candy until your parents say it's okay, make sure to wear your face mask, and always be careful crossing the street as you visit houses. Pounce and Paws won't be going out, but instead are planning a fun night in.

Carving pumpkins comes first, so that they can put them in their front yard to be admired. The ocelot and mountain lion cubs will draw the patterns on and their parents will carve them out. Their candle-filled jack-o'-lanterns are going to be a great welcoming committee for anyone walking by!

Next up is making monsters!

With toilet paper rolls, some colorful paper, and a variety of paint, they'll be able to build all sorts of creations. From vampires to ghosts to unique monsters from their imaginations, Pounce and Paws will have their own mini-monster army to keep them company the rest of the night!

Pounce prowls his backyard, ready to be a dragon for a night

He'll be celebrating Halloween in a new way this year, but he still gets to have a party with his parents and his best friend. As the little ocelot pretends to be a dragon guarding his castle, he can't wait for both the tricks and the treats to come!

Download the activity sheet to help Pounce complete his Halloween costume and check out other Pounce activity sheets.

October 5, 2020

Published by SunWest Credit Union

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