Stop working for the weekends. Join our family and love what you do every single day.

SunWest staff wearing SunWest Cares t-shirts huddle for a group photo outside Phoenix Children's Hospital on a sunny day
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portrait of smiling and welcoming male SunWest branch representative at teller station

we don't just show up

portrait of smiling and welcoming male SunWest branch representative at teller station

We work to actively improve the lives and financial wellbeing of each and every one of our members. We're passionate about helping people and making a difference in our Arizona community. Since launching our employee volunteer program, SunWest Cares, in 2019, we have volunteered over 600 hours of our time to help organizations like Phoenix Children's Hospital, Ben's Bells, and the Phoenix Zoo. We’ve also made it a habit to donate proceeds from annual promotions like Refi-for-a-Reason, where we give $50 to a designated charity for every auto loan refinanced. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. You could even say our money is where our mouth is when it comes to committing to our employees, members, and community.

We believe it's important for you to know where you stand in our hiring process. Below is an outline of the steps we take to make the best hires possible.

Our hiring process


Submit your resume and complete the online application for one of our job openings.

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Our talent team and partner, Total Quality Consulting (TQC Team) will review your submitted information and will call or email qualified applicants to schedule an interview.


After a screening call with TQC, we'll invite a final number of candidates to our office for an in-person interview, or set up a live Zoom meeting with the hiring manager(s).

You're hired

If we believe that you're the right fit for the position + team dynamics, we'll make an offer and provide next steps in the hiring process!

mission + vision

Through our empowered staff, SunWest’s mission is to provide exceptional service focused on dedication, integrity, and compassion to help our members grow and thrive.

SunWest Credit Union will improve the financial health of our members while enriching the communities we serve.

We will accomplish this by sticking to our core values.

core values:
people serving people

It’s not just a catchy slogan thrown around in credit union land. It’s a phrase we live and breathe–it’s ingrained in everything we do at SunWest. We didn’t set out to be the average bank in 1937, and we certainly aren’t going to start now. We believe in the power of real people doing everything they can to provide the best service and create the strongest communities. If that sounds like something you can get behind, you’ve come to the right place. If you don’t have a strong desire to better the lives of our members and strengthen the community in which you live, one of the big banks is probably hiring.

prime employee perks:
sneak a peek into a day in the life at sunwest

We love featuring our employees on our social media, and our members even show the love with written reviews about their favorite SunWest team members. Feel free to browse our accounts to see how much fun we have working alongside real people who love serving people.

A happy, female SunWest branch representative poses with her mask on and SunWest Cares shirt that says "Credit Unions Care About You"

live your

When you work with us, you’re not just clocking in and hoping for the best. You aren’t counting down the minutes until you can hop in your car and drive far, far away from your workplace. Nope, not here. When you work with SunWest, you’re devoting your time to something bigger than yourself. We aren’t just Branch Representatives, Marketing Gurus, Human Resource Professionals, Lending Extraordinaires, or Financial Experts. We are friends, family, support systems, and most importantly, we are difference makers. We are passionate about helping others achieve the highest level of financial success and we feel strongly about our communities. Join our team if you’re ready to do what you love, while helping those who need what you have to offer.

A happy, female SunWest branch representative poses with her mask on and SunWest Cares shirt that says "Credit Unions Care About You"

sunwest cares

SunWest cares so much that we have made it part of our mission to help those who need it most. Whether it’s donating raised funds to local charities through our Refinance for a Reason program or helping our members get through difficult times through our Pay it Forward initiative, we know what it means to go above and beyond industry expectations.

eight SunWest Employees and their families pose on stage as they volunteer with SunWest Cares at Peoria Theatre of the Artsfive SunWest employees volunteer with SunWest Cares to serve lunch over the counter at U Mom in Phoenixsmiling SunWest employee kayaks on lake pleasant to collect and dispose of trash while volunteering with SunWest Cares
four SunWest employees smile and pose with a brown and white dog on a leash as they volunteer with SunWest Cares at the Maricopa Animal Sheltersix SunWest employees volunteering with SunWest Cares cut fruit to prepare lunch at Andre House in PhoenixSunWest employee volunteering for sunwest cares smiles while holding rake under a shady tree in the Japanese Friendship Garden in downtown Phoenix
lending a helping hand

SunWest Cares was created to help us fulfill our goal of bettering our community in as many ways as possible. We’ve participated in a variety of events all around Arizona! At the Phoenix Zoo, we helped clear a stream clogged with weeds so it could flow freely again. At Andre House in Phoenix, we prepared and served more than 500 meals in one evening, as well as helped sort clothing donations. With Go Paddle AZ at Pleasant Harbor, we went out in kayaks to gather trash to help clean up the beautiful Lake Pleasant. We work together to build communities and support the causes our employees care about the most.

get a second opinion

Don't just take our word for it, listen to what team members have to say about working at SunWest.

feeling empowered

"What I like most about working for SunWest are the relationships I’ve made with some genuinely good people and the lessons I’ve learned. Before I started with credit unions, I worked for a few of my favorite retail shops just so I could get discounts on my favorite things. It’s not an inspiring way to choose a job, but you have to admit that it’s sound economic logic.

However, working for credit unions has introduced me to people who are like-minded and kind; people who want to help others more than themselves. These people have contributed to every factor of my current life. They taught me how to save, how to build credit from the ground up, how to purchase a car and a home, and how to help my friends and family do the same. SunWest has given my niece and nephew an opportunity to start off with a strong financial foundation with our Future Funders accounts. They’ve helped one brother get back on his feet after a divorce and another to refinance out of a bad auto loan.

Lastly, I’m so thankful that these strong, amazing women in Marketing took a chance on me almost a year ago. They have been teaching me a whole different side of SunWest with patience, respect and a constant willingness to help."

Christina W. | Community Outreach Specialist
sunwest credit union

feeling fulfilled

"What I love most about working here is that it feels like I am working with Family. Here at the Arrowhead Branch working with each of my staff members is amazing. We can depend on each other, we work as a team and we sometimes forget that we are working. That's how much of a great atmosphere it is. I enjoy helping all my members and of course my regulars. Besides helping them reach their financial goals or even just helping them make a deposit, I am always an ear to them, and someone they can depend on. Watching my members grow and reach [and] achieve their goals because YOU helped them is such a rewarding feeling and I feel that, this is what BEING SUNWEST is. :)"

Sally E. | Branch Representative
sunwest credit union

feeling thankful

"I am thankful for each of the employees at SunWest Credit Union. 2020 proved to be the most challenging year in history, but the dedication, flexibility, and human resolve that was demonstrated on a multitude of levels is proof that we can accomplish anything... and we'll do it together."

Walter S. | President + CEO
sunwest credit union