Make Money as a Teen Entrepreneur

How can you make money to buy what you want while balancing school and extracurriculars? If you’re ready to work hard, your options are open.

After weeks of looking, you finally found it: the perfect pair of sneakers

They’re comfortable, they’re the right colors, your friends are going to lose it over how cool they are. Just one problem… your parents said they’re too expensive. If you want them, you’ll have to buy them yourself. You need to get out there and make some money.

Figuring out how to make money as a teen comes with its own set of challenges

You can try the obvious and apply for a part-time job. It’s a great option for making money regularly, but you might not meet the minimum age requirement or have the time to balance school and homework and extracurriculars. So what now?

It’s time to tap into that entrepreneurial spirit with your money-making ideas. Earn active income by putting your time into a service or product you want to sell, or gain passive income by letting your creations or savings account do the work for you.

A good place to start is getting rid of old items such as clothes and books

You can sell all the things you no longer use in a garage sale, but there are even quicker, easier ways how to make money online as a teenager. Facebook Marketplace is popular these days, as well as the classics of eBay and Craigslist. Do a little research to compare the prices people are selling items of similar age and condition for, and you’ll be making money in no time.

Before you start listing your excess items, however, check with your parents to make sure it’s okay to sell what you’ve picked out, and to decide on how you will get these items to the buyers. Make sure to be safe and not give out any important personal information such as addresses or card numbers.

Another great option is starting your own business so you can set your own hours

It can be anything from doing yard work to babysitting or petsitting. Tutoring is a great option that can be done in person as well as online, making it easier for both parties. Then there are passive income ideas: you can monetize a youtube channel or a blog, but again, speak with your parents first. Yes, a lot of teens are posting plenty of videos on social media, but before you put yourself out there on a very public platform, you should be taking the proper safety precautions.

Once you have, start creating! Pick a topic or genre of video you enjoy making and publish regularly to get the benefits of passive income for teens. Any of these self-employment options will allow you to make your own schedule that works around your school-related obligations. Bonus: you can add the experience to your college applications and resume!

Remember, even when you have explored these ways to make money as a teen

and you finally have an income, you still need to spend money wisely. Buy those sneakers, or that jacket, or those pins for your lanyard. Just don’t forget that saving money will help you far into the future. Savings accounts are a simple way to let your money work for you, by making money on however much you’ve deposited.

This passive income will be an added bonus when you find other items you want to save up for. Now that you’ve got some ideas to make money, go forth and set your plans in motion! Your new lifestyle is within reach.

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March 15, 2022

Published by SunWest Credit Union

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