At SunWest, we believe that everyone should have access to free financial education and resources.

features you can appreciate

free budgeting tool
track your spending
free financial courses
identity theft protection

From paying bills
to stacking them

With MoneyEdu, we empower our members to budget until they have stacks of money in their accounts.

From the basics of budgeting to building credit to investing for retirement, MoneyEdu puts free resources in your hands on financial topics you need to know about and then some.

financial health check

Take a short financial assessment to see how your financial well-being measures up + receive personalized suggestions.

crushing goals

Get help setting SMART goals + create checklists with specific financial tasks that will help you achieve those goals.

budgeting tools

Set your monthly budget + track spending for customized cashflow projections and advice on where to save money each month.

savings made easy

Figure out how far your current emergency fund will take you + how to make it go even further, or estimate how long it’ll take to reach your long + short-term savings goals.

your financial values

Learn all about your financial personality and values + identify behaviors keeping you from financial success.

avoid identity crisis

See how vulnerable you are to identity theft and get personalized steps to protect your personal + financial info.

explore colleges

Take a look at colleges nationwide to find the best fit for you based on cost, graduation rate, admittance rate, + more.

explore careers

You gotta make money to spend money. Figure out what career will be most fulfilling + see how much you could earn.

be a lifelong learner

Take short courses on credit, car buying, saving, the list goes on and on.

build your portfolio

View your financial accomplishments at any time + share them with your financial coaches for even more personalized advice.

knowledge is power

Success is measured differently by everyone, but regardless of how you measure it, successful people have something in common: Knowledge and the wisdom to understand how to use it.

MoneyEdu doesn’t just show you a few facts and leave you there to extrapolate data on your own. You get personalized advice so you can achieve financial freedom.

financial literacy is a click away

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