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accounts for young adults

For ages 18-22. It’s time to take control of your finances like the boss you are. Carve your own path with a bank account for young adults.

features you can appreciate

$50 opening bonus
free checking
mobile banking
financial education

forge your path

It’s official - you’re an adult. You may not feel any different when the 18 candles are blown out, but trust that the world is shifting around you.

Now, you get to feel what true independence is. From first accounts, to first jobs, to first cars, we’ll be in the passenger seat to guide you to financial success.

new member bonus

New SunWest members between the ages of 18-22 receive $50 upon opening an account.

reliable resources

Set yourself up for success with insider financial tips at our blog and MoneyEdu.

no money, no problem

You may not be flush with cash yet, but you’re out there making it on your own. Enjoy financial freedom and flexibility with no monthly fee or minimum balances.

access anywhere

Going to school out-of-state or taking a road trip? We’ve got you covered with multiple locations and Shared Branching for in-person access + 24/7 online or mobile access.

+ so much more

envision your:

explore your:

make your move

Ready to take control of your financial independence with a banking account designed for young adults and students? Visit any one of our branch locations and we’ll get your Journey Account all set, so you can take on the world.

what to bring with you

valid + unexpired government-issued or school id
social security number
proof of address

adulting, amiright?

It can be rough out there. You have a whole new set of responsibilities and you’re basically expected to “figure it out” on your own, but you don’t have to manage your finances alone.

We’re only one call away. Oh, and we've also compiled resources here, so you don't have to search endlessly only to find unreliable answers to your financial questions.

so, what's next?

As you become more comfortable managing your own finances, it’s important to remember to periodically reassess your money situation. What worked in the beginning of your journey might need some adjustments once you’ve found an entry-level job, or maybe it’s time to start building credit. Whatever your next move is, SunWest is here to help.

Journey Accounts for Young Adults FAQ

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