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Put yourself in the driver's seat with an auto loan from SunWest Credit Union.

features you can appreciate

competitive rates
flexible terms
no pre-pay penalty
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sunwest credit union auto loans

A vehicle is a major expense, so it’s not one to be taken lightly, but it doesn’t have to be the nightmare experience many have come to associate with car buying. SunWest will be your shotgun rider with financing that’ll have you cruising in style.

competitive rates

With low auto loan rates, SunWest gives your vehicle loans more room in purchase price.

flexible terms

Monthly payments that fit your budget, so you get the best car + loan terms for you.

new + used

New auto loans to get it fresh from the factory or used auto loans to save cash on a used vehicle.

pre-pay any day

Zero prepayment penalties. Pay more whenever you want + save on interest.

sunwest protects

We offer deals on GAP, Extended Warranty, Debt Protection, + Depreciation Protection to fully protect your purchase.

transparency is key

Whether you’re purchasing from a dealer or a private party, we’ll estimate + disclose any applicable fees before the deal is done.

crunch some numbers

Below is a preview of our current lowest term, rate, and monthly auto loan payment per $1,000 borrowed. Your actual rate will be based on your credit score, monthly term and model year. To see all rates and terms, visit our rates page.

new + used vehicles (2023 + newer)

36-month term
APR* as low as 6.59%
$30.69 per $1,000

Loan payment example:

If you finance a vehicle for $20k, you would have a monthly payment of $613.80

used vehicles (2022 + older)

36-month term
APR* as low as 7.37%
$31.05 per $1,000

Loan payment example:

If you finance a vehicle for $10k, you would have a monthly payment of $310.47

buying a new or used vehicle

You’ve done the research and you know what you want, but you aren’t sure where to start. There can be a lot of moving pieces whether buying a new or used car. Don't swerve, we’re here every mile with car buying pro-tips to get you started.


get preapproved

Already having an auto loan approved tells the dealer that you can’t be wheeled and dealed on sketchy financing, and it helps you focus negotiations on the purchase price.

Ready to go shopping?
View our competitive auto loan rates + apply for an auto loan.


research your options

Test drive any vehicle you’re thinking of buying, and ask questions about any features, fuel efficiency, and price. There’s no such thing as asking too many questions.

Need help getting started?
Browse CUDL AutoSMART to point you in the right direction or work the numbers with our auto loan calculator.


close the deal

Dealer Purchase: Close your auto loan at SunWest + take a check to the dealer OR have our Indirect Lending team process your auto loan while you’re at the dealership.

Private Party Purchase: Set an appointment at one of our branches and the seller will meet you with the vehicle. We’ll do a quick inspection to verify the VIN + mileage and have the seller sign any applicable forms.

protect what's yours

You put in the research, did the negotiating, and are ready to close the deal. Now it’s time to protect your investment. As a SunWest Credit Union member, you have access to discounts on comprehensive auto coverages that could end up costing nearly double or more at the dealership.

Auto Loans FAQ

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How long is my approval good for?

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Does SunWest do auto loans for first-time buyers?

What information do you need for an auto loan application?

Does SunWest process the title and registration?

Does SunWest have a car buying service?

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate.
Rates shown assume excellent borrower credit history. Rates subject to approval and may vary based on multiple factors such as payment method, and credit worthiness. Certain terms, restrictions, and conditions apply. Proof of current auto loan rate may be required prior to closing in order to receive the refinanced rate. This offer does not apply to vehicles currently financed through SunWest Federal Credit Union. Rates are subject to change without notice. This credit union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration. SunWest reserves the right to modify or discontinue any offers that may be listed on this page at any time.