Pounce & Paws Have a Hopping Good Time

Create your own fun during the Easter holiday! Join our favorite ocelot and mountain lion in making art for the Easter Bunny.

Have you ever seen the Easter Bunny hiding eggs?

Pounce and Paws haven’t. Paws wants to catch him in the act, but Pounce says it’s much more fun making your own eggs. So while they wait for the Easter Egg Hunt each year, they work on their own artistic creations. Make some easy Easter crafts with them this year!

Painting eggs is one of the best easter activities for families to enjoy

...and sometimes these young felines decide to mix it up. Grab those plastic eggs you get candy in, some cool-shaped rocks, fallen leaves, or anything else your parents approve for painting! Then get creative. Pounce likes to paint patterns like zigzags or stripes. Paws paints little flowers and stars on his! Then they set their creations out in the backyard for the Easter Bunny to see when he stops by.

To guard the eggs, you can make your own bunnies and chicks

Pounce and Paws love to customize their crafts for Easter!

  1. First find a toilet paper roll or a can. If using a can, ask your parents to smooth the inside edge so you can’t get cut on the sharp opening.
  2. Paint the paper roll or can to be the body of the chick or bunny.
  3. While the paint is drying, you can cut out shapes from construction paper to make bunny ears or chicken beaks and wings.
  4. Now it’s time to glue everything on! Create the face of your Easter buddy with googly eyes . Add the nose or beak you made from construction paper, or paint them on. Use cotton balls as the rabbit tail. Get creative and have fun!
  5. Once your Easter chick or bunny has been completed and fully dried, ask your parents to help you find the perfect spot to display it.

Easter crafts for kids are a fun activity that even Pounce’s and Paws’ parents like to join in on

They also help you save money by making your own toys instead of only buying special edition Easter toys. Then you’re able to put that money into your savings account instead!

If you have an account with SunWest, you’ll get to add to your sticker card and be one step closer to a toy from the treasure box - so you’ll end up with more toys than if you bought one! Make this Easter the best one yet with Pounce and Paws’ cool budget easter ideas.

Learn about saving, spending, and other important financial basics with more activities like crafts and coloring pages with Pounce!

March 30, 2021

Published by SunWest Credit Union

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