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We understand that a house isn't just where you live, it's a reflection of how you live.

features you can appreciate

competitive rates
low closing costs
no pre-pay penalty
easy online apply

home sweet home

Unlock your Arizona First Mortgage Refinance with SunWest, and open the door to competitive mortgage rates, low fees, and a convenient closing process, and use the savings on creating your perfect home.

mortgage rates

Competitive interest rates to keep home ownership affordable and in reach.

eligible properties +
mortgage type

• Conventional Mortgages
• Single Family
• Condos + Townhomes
• Owner-occupied in Arizona
• Free and Clear - Owner-occupied

flexible terms

Pay off your mortgage quickly or give yourself some time. We offer the following repayment terms:
120 months (10 years)
180 months (15 years)
240 months (20 years)
360 months (30 years)

no prepayment penalty

Pay off your mortgage early with no additional charges. Why pay interest forever when you can afford to be debt-free sooner?!

low closing costs

Save on interest and fees with low closing costs.

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We'll help you run the numbers before running your credit.1
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arizona mortgage rates

There’s nothing better after a long day than settling into a space that’s all yours. A space to tackle fun DIY projects, stream your favorite shows, and create memories to last a lifetime.

Sure, a house is a big investment, but the feel of home is worth every penny. Check Arizona mortgage rates and calculate your monthly payment.

first mortgage refinance2

10-year term
APR* as low
as 5.75%
Payment of
$11.35 per $1,000
15-year term
APR* as low
as 6.25%
Payment of
$8.85 per $1,000
30-year term
APR* as low
as 6.875%
Payment of
$6.65 per $1,000

apply for a mortgage refinance

We’ve made it quick and easy to refinance your first mortgage to ensure a seamless process so you can spend less time on paperwork and more time enjoying the serenity of your home.

apply online

  • While submitting your application online, indicate payment method from “Savings” under Step 1
  • Your loan will be reviewed, and in most cases, a SunWest representative will contact you within an hour.
  • We partner with Arizona mortgage lender "Security Title" for all funding, offering a safe and secure process for your loan closing with a mobile notary.

apply over the phone

  • Call us at 602.866.1129 or 1.800.533.4133 with the following information handy: Current loan balance + lender name, current interest rate, type of property, income.
  • Your loan will be reviewed, and your SunWest mortgage loan officer will let you know if they are able to make a loan decision while you’re on the phone or provide a timeframe for follow-up.

A home is more than a place to rest your head. It represents the possibilities that come with a space of your own in this world. At SunWest Credit Union, we take the hassle out of home ownership so you can maximize those possibilities. With our help, you'll soon be thinking: Home has never felt better.

Looking to borrow from the equity on your home? Check out our Second Mortgage + HELOC to determine the best option for you.

Mortgage Refinance FAQ

Does SunWest lend on manufactured homes?

Can I refinance my vacation or rental home with SunWest?

Who pays escrow and property taxes?

Can I refinance my VA or FHA loan?

What is the minimum score requirement to refinance my mortgage?

How does SunWest determine my home’s value?

How long does it take to refinance?

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. See a representative for details.

1. SunWest does not escrow, so you'll be responsible for property taxes.
2. Rates listed subject to change and based on the lowest current offer. Rates are determined by factors such as, but not limited to, loan term, credit score, and home value. Minimum and maximum loan balances may vary by term. All calculations listed in the chart above are estimates to illustrate loan and rate cost and should not be used as a formal quote. Please speak with a representative to quote your specific rate and payment.