personal line
of credit

A Personal Line of Credit from SunWest Credit Union gives you flexibility in your financial plan and helps you prepare for those moments you can’t always see coming.

features you can appreciate

low rates
revolving credit line
overdraft protection
low monthly payment

you’ve got backup

A Personal Line of Credit with SunWest Credit Union gives your budget breathing room with quick access to funds.

Transfer money online to your checking account and make purchases with your debit card, make a cash withdrawal at one of our Arizona locations, or use your personal line of credit as overdraft protection for your checking.

rates coming in hot

At 15.50%, our line of credit rate is lower than most credit cards, giving you a budget-friendly, responsible credit option.

spin me right ‘round

Your revolving credit line is replenished with each payment, allowing you to draw funds whenever you need, however many times you need.

no collateral required

No strings attached with your personal line of credit. This unsecured credit option doesn’t need the deed to your house or car title, just a signature.

low monthly payments

Unlike credit cards which base your minimum payment on the total balance, a line of credit calculates it as 3% of the midpoint per $1,000 increment, so you pay it off faster, saving yourself interest.

stunning versatility

This little guy gives you the capability to do big things. The only limit is your imagination…and your actual credit limit, I suppose. Need some ideas?
1. Set it as overdraft protection.
2. Cover bills until your next paycheck hits.
3. Use it for emergencies.
4. Large purchases like a new laptop or dryer.
5. Whatever else that brain of yours can think up!

plan for potholes

Imagine riding your bike down a road littered with potholes, loose gravel flying at you, asphalt melting in the Arizona sun. You could be Lance Armstrong and still hit one of these obstacles, slowing your progress and bucking you off your bike. A SunWest Personal Line of Credit is like having top-of-the-line protective gear that helps you avoid major financial road rash.

Don’t let unexpected expenses knock you off your path to financial wellness. Apply today for a personal line of credit to secure your back-up plan and keep pedaling towards financial freedom.

Personal Line of Credit FAQ

How do I access funds from my line of credit?

What's the difference between a personal loan and a personal line of credit?

If I pay my balance in full is the line of credit closed out?

How do I calculate my minimum payment?

Is it better for my credit to pay off my balance or minimum payment?

Is there a grace period on interest for line of credits?

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate.
On approved credit. Certain terms, restrictions and conditions apply. Approval based on, but not limited to, an evaluation of applicant credit. Rate subject to change without notice. Offer does not apply to existing loans financed through SunWest Federal Credit Union. Loan cannot be used for post-secondary education. SunWest reserves the right to modify or discontinue this promotion at any time. Contact us at 602.866.1100 for more details.

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