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Don’t get stuck in a financial relationship that's wrong for you. Switch to SunWest Credit Union where we make finance simple.

a clean break

Breaking up with your current bank account is easier than ever with a financial partner like SunWest Credit Union that shows you step-by-step how to switch banks without fear or stress.

switching accounts made easy

Read through the 4 steps below to make switching accounts a seamless process + click the drop downs for more information and tips.

You can also print our Switch Kit to mark off tasks as you go along.


open your new account

Review eligibility requirements
Have identification ready
Provide $5 for a minimum deposit

get set up for online banking

Once your SunWest account is open, enroll in online banking

review + start moving money

Review your old account for direct deposits,
bill payments, and automatic withdrawals or transfers
Move money + any direct deposits to your new account
Update your service providers + any automatic payments or transfers

check off your list + close

Go through your new + old account one last time
before closing your old one to make sure everything
is working the way it should
Close your old account
New account checklist

Switch to SunWest FAQ

Am I eligible for a SunWest account?
What is my routing number?
How long does it take to open an account?
What is the minimum balance requirement for a new checking account?
How do I access my account if I’m not in town?
Do I have to close my SunWest account if I move?

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