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You have enough to keep track of these days. Making a loan payment shouldn't be another hassle to cross off your list. SunWest makes it easy to pay your loan without breaking a sweat.

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loan payments made easy

We believe that life is meant to be enjoyed and not spent stressing about the details. We also believe that banking should be straightforward and hassle-free. That means providing services that you can actually use without wanting to throw your computer out the window. Making your loan payment is a breeze with SunWest Credit Union because we know that paying bills is not typically a task we (all humans) look at with fondness. So go on, make that payment and get on with your day. We've got the rest covered.

make a loan payment from another financial institution

Here at SunWest, we don't mind if you need to pay your SunWest loan with funds from another institution (our hearts may be a little crushed, but we'll still love you). That's why we offer several options when it comes to using another institution to make your loan payments with us. Take a peek at the available methods below:


Transfer funds between external accounts through TransferNow:

  • set it up

    To verify account ownership, SunWest will send two small deposits to the account you set up through online banking. You have 3 attempts to enter the correct deposit amounts. You do not need to be a BillPay user but must be enrolled in online banking.

  • free external transfers

    Transfer funds between SunWest and up to 5 additional financial institutions. The minimum transfer amount is $10.

  • plan it out

    Schedule transfers for future and recurring dates.

  • send money lickety-split

    Send funds Next Day ($2.50 fee) or through our Standard Delivery (up to 3 Days).

make a loan payment from your SunWest account

Have we mentioned that we care about your sanity and we value your time? As a member, you have a front-row seat to a payment experience that puts you in charge and gives you the ability to manage your finances with ease. Making a loan payment from your SunWest account is simple through any of the options provided:

how do I sign in to my online banking account?

Using a desktop computer or tablet, log in to your account right from the "login" dropdown from the black top navigation bar here on our website. Enter your username and password, click "submit" and you're on your way! If you want to bank on your phone, download our MySunWest App for the best experience.

enroll today

If you aren't already using Online Banking, look no further for a smooth and quick enrollment process. We'll get you squared away within a few minutes, but here's what you need to get set up:

  • use a desktop/laptop computer

  • have your sunwest member number handy

  • have your social security number handy