redefining investment

A car isn’t the type of investment where you would expect to see a return beyond safe travels, but we’re flipping the game with Depreciation Protection Waiver (DPW).

features you can appreciate

open enrollment
60-day trial period
based on MSrp value
deductible reimbursement

add savings to your strategy

If you owe less than your vehicle is worth, chances are you worked hard to save up for a down payment or you took great care of a trade-in and made a good deal.

When a car is stolen or damaged beyond repair, though, your insurance only pays out the current value, and you lose out on all the positive equity. That was before. Now, you have Depreciation Protection (DPW) to keep you from losing out.

meet dpw: depreciation protection waiver

DPW is an investment in yourself to ensure that the financial strategy you’ve put into paying down your vehicle loan pays off.

for example, let’s say your car is stolen

vehicle value at time of purchase: $30,000
down payment: $2,000
total loan amount: $28,000

age of loan

current balance

dpw payout




1 year



2 years



4 years



5 years



dpw coverage benefits

open enrollment

Enroll anytime throughout your loan. The value at the time of enrollment is what your equity benefit will be based on.

trial period

If you decide it’s not for you, you can cancel within 60 days for a full refund.

lock in value

The amount you receive is based on the MSRP value at enrollment, NOT a depreciated value at time of total loss.

long lasting coverage

Your coverage extends throughout the life of your loan.

get reimbursed

Auto Deductible Reimbursement is included, and we’ll cover up to $500 of your deductible.*

cover your beneficiary

With Accidental Death protection included, $1,000 is paid toward your loan if you die in an accident, making it easier for your beneficiary to take ownership.

dpw claims process

Going through a total loss event is enough to make anyone's head spin. Let's break down the claims process to make it less overwhelming.


submit your claim to your insurance provider.

Your insurance provider will assess your claim to determine whether the vehicle is considered a total loss due to damage or unrecovered theft.


confirm total loss status through your insurance.

After deeming your vehicle a total loss, your insurance will review the market value and provide you with a document declaring the loss + payout funds in the form of a check payable to SunWest as your lienholder.


loan payoff + deposit of remaining insurance payout.

Once we receive the check from your insurance payout, we’ll apply the funds directly to your loan payoff and deposit any remaining funds to your savings or checking account at SunWest.


report your dpw claim to sunWest credit union.

We’ll review your contract and process the claim to get your funds to you ASAP.

keep your money yours

Losing your car in an accident or from theft doesn’t have to be like hitting reset on all the progress you’ve made toward paying your loan down and gaining equity. Depreciation Protection Waiver means your investment is safe.

More protections to keep you covered

avoid the gap of negative equity

Your insurance will pay out up to the current value of your vehicle. Since vehicles depreciate quickly in value, this is often not enough to cover the full amount of your payoff. Guaranteed Asset Protection covers the difference, so you aren’t out buckets of cash.

don’t let a break cause a breakdown

Manufacturer warranties only extend so far and cost an arm and a leg. Keep your body parts attached, and get comprehensive Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) for less than the dealer warranty.

compare insurance for the best rate

Financed vehicles have specific insurance requirements, such as full coverage. Have a TruStage representative review the requirements necessary to avoid any loan penalties, as well as to compare rates for the best deal.


What’s the difference between GAP + DPW?

Do I have to pay anything back from the claim if my stolen vehicle is recovered?

What are the limits and exclusions for DPW?

When can I add DPW to my loan?

Can I cancel DPW and get a refund?

How long does DPW insurance last?

1. Max amount.
2. Not to exceed current balance.

*Auto Deductible Reimbursement can be used twice a year, for the first 2 years of your loan. ADR coverage extends to other vehicles owned and insured by the primary borrower listed on the GAP contract.