mechanical breakdown protection

Don’t spin out from costly repairs. Mechanical Breakdown Protection with SunWest is the extended warranty to get you cruising again for less.

features you can appreciate

$0 deductible
24/7 roadside assistance
road hazard protection
rental assistance

extend your protection

When purchasing or refinancing your vehicle, consider what your plan will be if you encounter a pricey repair. Not everyone is going to be able to drop a few grand on a new suspension system or cover other expensive repairs like a new transmission or engine.

meet mbp: mechanical breakdown protection

With Mechanical Breakdown Protection from SunWest, a breakdown isn’t the end of the line, and we’ll get you back on the road in no time.

for example, let’s say your transmission dies and needs to be replaced
without mbp

Towing Service: $100
Rental Car: $180
New Transmission: $2,700

with mbp

Towing Service: $0
Rental Car: Reimbursed
New Transmission: $0

Your costs come to $2,980, plus any additional shop or parts fees.
Let's say your MBP plan costs $1,800. It would cover the tow, rental, new parts + labor, saving you $1,180.

mbp coverage benefits

24/7 roadside assistance

Day or night, your coverage will help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

protect your tires

Road hazard protection for your tires, so that nail on the highway doesn’t deflate your bank account.

no deductible

Call us while you’re at the mechanic, and we’ll pay the deductible on our card.

take that trip

Vehicle rental assistance & trip interruption benefits to get you back to enjoying scenic views and greasy diner food in no time.

pick your mechanic

Visit any licensed mechanic throughout the US, and we’ll advocate for the best pricing.

save yourself

MBP is often much cheaper and more comprehensive than dealer warranties.

mbp claims process

We know if you’re making a claim, your head might be spinning out, overwhelmed by everything. Let’s break the claims process down, so you know what comes next.


contact the claims department before any work is done on your vehicle.

Your MBP representative will review fair pricing for the work and pay the licensed mechanic of your choice directly.


if not already at a shop, choose your licensed repair shop + let’s take care of business.

Have your MBP service agreement with you, and let your mechanic know that you have coverage. The shop will work directly with our claims department to authorize work and provide payment to the shop.

love your vehicle longer

Taking care of your vehicle can be costly, and if you’re not a mechanic yourself, it can be tough understanding those costs and how to keep them down. Mechanical Breakdown Protection means you have someone in your corner. Always.

More protections to keep you covered

avoid the gap of negative equity

Your insurance will pay out up to the current value of your vehicle. Since vehicles depreciate quickly in value, this is often not enough to cover the full amount of your payoff. Guaranteed Asset Protection covers the difference, so you aren’t out buckets of cash.

keep your positive equity

If you saved up for a down payment on your new car, or you wheeled and dealed with the dealer for a large trade-in, you don’t want to lose the equity you’ve built up. Protect it with Depreciation Protection Waiver (DPW).

compare insurance for the best rate

Financed vehicles have specific insurance requirements, such as full coverage. Have a TruStage representative review the requirements necessary to avoid any loan penalties, as well as to compare rates for the best deal.


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