We’ve teamed up with credit unions all over the country to provide access to your account no matter where life takes you.

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shared branching

a father and son sit in a car and view a map on a tablet device together

We love seeing your smiling faces and interacting with your shining personalities, but we know you don’t always have time to drop in and say hello. Whether you’re braving a cross-country road trip with your family, or just not close enough to your favorite Arizona credit union, you can rest assured knowing that SunWest has your back. Access your accounts anywhere, anytime, thanks to our connection to the CO-OP Financial Services Network. We partner with over 5,500 credit unions nationwide so you can check in with your finances and get on with your day without having to worry about finding your closest SunWest branch. Of course, if you are in the area, please visit! We love getting to know our members and learning more about the things that matter most to you. Did we mention that we love homemade cookies? Just some food for thought.

Which transactions can I do at a shared branching location?

make deposits

make a loan payment

transfer money between accounts

withdraw cash

check balances and recent account History

What should i bring with me to bank at a shared branch location?

SunWest account number (or account number at your home credit union)


credit union ATM or debit card (assigned to the account)


a valid government-issued ID

how can i find a shared branch near me?

Find a shared branch by visiting the Co-Op Shared Branching website, downloading the app or calling or texting the numbers below:


a zip code to 91989


Credit unions that participate in shared branching usually display the distinctive triangle shaped logo near the entrance to the branch.

Co-op logo

shared branching + ATM locator app

is there a limit to how many times i can use a shared branching location?

While we would love to see you at one of our branches, there is no limit to the number of times you may use a shared branching location. However, there may be limits to the types of transactions and amount of withdrawals available.*

i'm a member at another credit union; can i use a sunwest branch location?

Yes, if your home credit union is a member of the CO-OP Financial Services network, you may use shared branching services at any participating SunWest branch.

thanks to shared branching...

you have plenty of options, no matter where you are. Check out the video below for a more exciting way to soak up all you need to know about Shared Branching.

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find an atm
near you

In addition to the shared branching network, SunWest members can withdraw cash fee-free** from more than 55,000 Allpoint ATMs in the US, Canada, Mexico, UK, and Australia. In Phoenix and Tucson, these ATMs are typically found in Costco, CVS, Quikmart, Quiktrip, Safeway, 7-Eleven, Walgreens, and Target Stores.

find an allpoint atm near you:

  • Look for the green Allpoint logo displayed at participating ATMs

  • Download the Allpoint ATM app to cover all your bases on the go, or call us toll-free to find a location. SunWest is also part of the STAR ATM network.

*Funds deposited at shared branching locations may not be available for immediate withdrawal. Holds placed on items deposited into a SunWest account are based on SunWest’s hold policies, not the shared branch. Shared branching locations cannot remove a hold placed on your deposit. Refer to SunWest’s funds availability policy for more information. The shared branch reserves the right to refuse acceptance of any item. CU Service Centers® may limit cash withdrawals to $500 per day. If you use a Vcom as an ATM you may be charged a fee by the ATM operator. In order to insure you are not charged the ATM fee, choose CU Service Centers from the on-screen menu.
**A fee may be imposed by another financial institution or ATM network when you use your SunWest ATM card to withdraw funds from a non-SunWest ATM.

an excited crowd cheers with their hands clapping above their heads