fee schedule

We don't fee our members for everyday transactions like some big banks do. However, because we are a not-for-profit, we still need to recover the costs from certain situations. As always, please call or visit us if you have any questions or concerns.



Account Reconciliation

$25.00 per hour (by appointment only)

ATM Empty Envelope Deposit


ATM Usage
(not including surcharges by other ATM owners)

(after 5 free withdrawals per month)


Bank Transfer


Closing Membership within First 90 Days


Collection Item Fee

(applies to Primary Savings account)

$15.00 per item


(after 4 free checks for new accounts)


Dormant/Inactive Account

(after 24 months)

$10.00 per month

Duplicate Lien Release


Foreign Currency Conversion Fee

(for merchant transactions - MasterCard)

1.10% of transaction amount

Foreign Currency Conversion Fee

(for merchant transactions - Visa)

1.00% of transaction amount

Foreign Deposit Fee

$35.00 per item

Garnishment Fee


Loan Extension Fee

$30.00 per loan

Loan Modification Fee

$50.00 per loan

Legal Processing Fee

$50.00 per hour

Missing Address/Returned Mail


Money Market Withdrawal

(after 3 free withdrawals / transfers per month)


Money Order


Non-Sufficient Funds

(all items)


Official Check

(payable to third party)


Paper Statement Fee

$2.00 per statement

Phone Payment Fee


Plastic Card Pick-Up at Branch/Replacement Card Fee


Plastic Card Rush Fee


Premier Checking

(below minimum balance)

$5.00 per month

Return Deposit Item

(not member-initiated)


Return Deposit



Safe Deposit Box

$10.00 key deposit (rent varies)

Safe Deposit Box Drilling


Share Draft Copy

$2.00 / $9.00 original

Share Draft Exchange for Official Check


Share Draft Order / Check Printing

varies by style + type of checks

Skip-A-Pay Fee

$30.00 per loan

Stop Payment

(all items)


Statment Copy


Title Processing Fee

$30.00 per title

Expedited Title Processing Fee

$15.00 per title

Unclaimed Property


Verification of Deposit


VISA / MasterCard Receipt Copy


Wire Transfer - Incoming

(domestic + international)


Wire Transfer - Outgoing



Wire Transfer - Outgoing



*fees are per item unless noted and are subject to change at any time. We will notify you as required by law of any changes in fees.

fees as of November 28, 2022