fee schedule

We don't fee our members for everyday transactions like some big banks do. However, because we are a not-for-profit, we still need to recover the costs from certain situations.

Account Reconciliation
$25.00 per hour (by appointment only)
ATM Empty Envelope Deposit
ATM Usage
Not including surcharges by other ATM owners. If using a non-SunWest ATM,
after 5 free withdrawals per month, the fee will apply + surcharges by the
other ATM owner.

Bank Transfer
Closing Membership within First 90 Days
Collection Item Fee
(Applies to Primary Savings account)
$15.00 per item
(After 4 free checks for new accounts)
Dormant/Inactive Account
(After 12 months)
$10.00 per month
Duplicate Lien Release
Foreign Currency Conversion Fee
(For merchant transactions - MasterCard)
1.10% of transaction amount
Foreign Currency Conversion Fee
(For merchant transactions - Visa)
1.00% of transaction amount
Foreign Deposit Fee
$35.00 per item
Garnishment Fee
Loan Extension Fee
$30.00 per loan
Loan Modification Fee
$50.00 per loan
Legal Processing Fee
$50.00 per hour
Missing Address/Returned Mail
Money Market Withdrawal
(After 3 free withdrawals / transfers per month)
Money Order
Non-Sufficient Funds
(All items)
Official Check
(Payable to third party)
Paper Statement Fee
$2.00 per statement
Phone Payment Fee
Replacement Card Fee
Plastic Card Rush Fee
Premier Checking
(Below minimum balance)
$5.00 per month
Return Deposit Item
(Not member-initiated)
Return Deposit
Safe Deposit Box
$10.00 key deposit (rent varies)
Safe Deposit Box Drilling
Share Draft Copy
Share Draft Exchange for Official Check
Share Draft Order / Check Printing
varies by style + type of checks
Skip-A-Pay Fee
$30.00 per loan
Stop Payment
(All items)
Statement Copy
Title Processing Fee
$30.00 per title
Expedited Title Processing Fee
$15.00 per title
Unclaimed Property
Verification of Deposit
VISA / MasterCard Receipt Copy
Wire Transfer - Incoming
(Domestic + International)
Wire Transfer - Outgoing
Wire Transfer - Outgoing
Cash Advance in Branch
Non-Member Notary
(Fee waived for notary related to SunWest transactions)
$10.00 per item
Non-Member Check Cashed
$7.00 per check