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You work hard for your money and you need a checking account that puts you in the driver’s seat.

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keep it simple

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Your money is just that–yours. That means you need a credit union that has your best interests at heart, 24/7. There are plenty of financial institutions ready to take advantage of your blood, sweat, and tears, but at SunWest, we know your future is a lot brighter when you’re calling the shots. Enjoy the financial freedom that comes with our free checking account and kiss those monthly maintenance and minimum balance requirements goodbye. Our Essential Checking helps you take control of your finances so you can spend confidently knowing you have access to all the features you need, without the strings. Or the ridiculous fees.

essential sunwest checking account features you can appreciate

You’re a busy person with a growing to-do list. You don’t have time to read pages of fine print that explain how to avoid the fees you shouldn’t have to pay in the first place. That’s why SunWest offers a free checking account that was designed to keep things simple in an increasingly complicated world. Your Essential Checking account at SunWest comes with:

overdraft protection

+ Mobile Wallet
Ready to take back control and own your finances?
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level up

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Premier Checking offers all the comprehensive services of our Essential Checking plus a few more amenities. And we love amenities. When you stay in a hotel, do you take the extra soaps and lotions? We won't tell. You're among friends at SunWest, and we are not judging. Below are our extra lotions you can take at checkout.

  • Receive dividends on balances starting at $1,000

    Checking accounts aren't well known for paying you back, but a Premier Checking with SunWest does just that when you keep your balance at $1k or more.

  • free standard SunWest personal checks

    Most of the time, a debit card or online payment works out just fine. However, there are a few places - like apartment complexes, Department of Homeland Security, and your kids' fundraisers - that still want those handwritten love notes.

  • Free SunWest money orders and official checks

    Skip the fee on certified funds with a Premier Checking.

  • No fee as long as end of business day balances are $1,000 or more

    That's right, folks! These amenities are free to you when you maintain that magic number.

With Courtesy Pay and a Revolving Line of Credit

we've got you covered

We subscribe to the belief that people are inherently good and do their best to make smart decisions. What we don’t believe in is judging our members, or making them feel terrible for a mistake that we’ve all made at some point along our own financial journeys. Maybe you underestimated your monthly expenses, or simply forgot to transfer money between accounts to cover your automatic withdrawals. Whatever the reason, SunWest has designed our overdraft services to protect you in the event you find yourself overdrawn on your account. Hey, it’s like they say–to err is human. We still love you.

courtesy pay

For checks and recurring debit card transactions

This is our basic form of overdraft protection created to cover withdrawals and purchases in excess of your available funds. Account eligibility is routinely evaluated for this discretionary service. If items are paid in excess of your available funds, a normal non-sufficient funds fee is charged.*


For ATM and One-Time Debit Card Transactions

This is an enhancement to our basic Courtesy Pay that extends coverage to ATM withdrawals and one-time debit card transactions. This service is available upon your request. Simply opt in to benefit from this additional overdraft protection.


Extending Courtesy pay

It is easy to protect yourself from overdrafts. Give us a call or visit your local branch.

revolving line of credit

You’re cruising along, enjoying financial freedom then BAM–your dishwasher breaks and needs to be replaced. Or maybe poor Fido got in a fight with a rattlesnake and needs emergency treatment. You love your furry sidekick so of course you’re going to do everything you can to make sure he gets the best treatment. You’re walking out of the vet’s office with your head held high and your best friend in your arms, feeling relieved that all is well. But then the gravity of the expense hits you all at once. With a SunWest revolving line of credit, you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you’re ready for wherever life takes you. Instead of panicking, rest assured knowing that SunWest is once again ready to swoop in and save the day!

What is a revolving line of credit anyways?

We are so glad you asked! A revolving line of credit is a flexible way to get access to extra cash flow when something unexpected pops up. It is unsecured, which means you don’t have to offer up any collateral to secure the line of credit. In fact, the available credit limit is used in conjunction with your SunWest checking account and MasterCard debit card as a source of protection against over-drafting your account. You can continue to use this option without reapplying as long as you pay back the money borrowed.

The beauty of a revolving line of credit is that you can use it for whatever life throws your way. Take the first step towards securing your financial future and apply today.

that fine print, though

It's not the most fun to read, but we pride ourselves in being transparent so that our members can make educated financial decisions.

*With Courtesy Overdraft, certain restrictions and an overdraft fee will apply when used. Ask a representative for complete terms and conditions. Keeping a share account open with a minimum balance of $5.00 at all times is a requirement to being a member at SunWest. In certain circumstances, withdrawals/transfers from share accounts are limited by a Federal Regulation to 6 withdrawals/transfers per month.