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We offer three different credit card options so you can relax and enjoy the moment – no matter what surprise or planned purchases you make.

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live life, get rewarded

-From Christina: Swipe, swipe, swipe it down - SWIPE! [I was inspired by the #wipeitdownchallenge on TikTok. Any way we could do a graphic like that? We could promote it on social with that hashtag too. That might be a lot of unnecessary work though, and is that too youthful for CCs?]
There is an endless list of things you can use a credit to pay for, but they all basically filter into 2 categories: Pleasure and Pain. We all want the pleasure of walking into a store and walking out with an item that we don’t have the cash for in the moment. If you’re a techie, you might want to go for that killer deal on a new TV with screen quality so crisp you think you’re living in the scene before you. Maybe you’ve been killing it at work, and it’s time to unwind on a beach somewhere while someone brings you a drink in a coconut without you even having to ask. These things can cost about – I want to be accurate here – 10 gold bars and a limb. Swipe it down with a SunWest Rewards Credit Card (link to rewards page?) and make a plan to pay it off!
Now let’s talk about the painful purchases and payments that come up unexpectedly in life. Remember when you climbed trees as a kid and your best friend Johnny fell out and broke his arm? Well, Johnny walked away with a cool scar, but his mom was left with the medical bill which meant the summer trip to Disneyland was canceled. If you’re reading this page, you’re probably the adult that has to pay for those scars now. Swipe it down with a SunWest credit card and, again, make a plan to pay it off!

-From old site: If you've ever been frustrated with your credit card, you’re not alone. Between high interest rates and excessive fees, it’s easy to pay more than you should. Apply for a MasterCard from SunWest and enjoy the worldwide acceptance of MasterCard with the terms only a neighbor can provide.

sunwest credit card features:

from christina: You don’t have to compromise the pleasures in life even when a pain point pops up. With a SunWest Rewards Credit Card (link to rewards page?) you’ll get the added benefit of earning points for each dollar spent. Your trip to the Bahamas, new TV, and broken arm could even earn you enough points to join Johnny and his family on their summer vacation to Disneyland!

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how do i get a sunwest credit card?

From Christina: You can apply for a SunWest credit card or Secure credit card online or call our Loan-by-Phone Department. Apply for a SunWest Rewards Credit Card, and give yourself some credit.

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young man and woman chatting while sitting on boulders by the beach and watching the sunset

You don’t need a map to find all the treasure we have waiting for you! Our SunWest Rewards MasterCard® gives you the power to make big-ticket purchases without breaking open your savings chest. Take the next adventure in your credit journey and earn reward points to sail off into the horizon. With a higher spending limit and a lower interest rate than our Classic Card, SunWest’s Rewards Card is the next adventure in your credit journey. If you already carry our Classic but are ready to take it up a notch, we can help you easily convert your current card and get you living a life of high adventure.

With all the benefits of our Classic MasterCard Credit Card, plus:

  • Receive rates as low as 9.99% APR*. You’ve put in the work, built that credit from below deck all the way to the helm. You deserve an APR that won’t sink you with interest.

  • Save your swag with no annual fee

Boost your spending benefits with a SunWest Rewards MasterCard® today! To redeem points, visit Scorecard Rewards.


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keeping it

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Classic is a vibe that says, “There is a beauty in simplicity.”

At SunWest, we want you to have all the diamond-encrusted luxury your heart desires, but not everyone’s heart beats for the glitter and gold. Our Classic Mastercard® Credit Card provides the security of revolving credit whenever you need it, combined with the low interest rate you would expect from your community financial institution.

the features you need:

Going Classic is also the perfect way to announce yourself to the world of credit and wade the waters while you continue to build up your profile. If you’re just starting on your credit journey, you can also check out our Secured Credit Cards to see which option is best for you. Our Branch Representatives can chat with you one-on-one to break down the options and help you see which style fits you best.

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get started on the classic credit track

You can apply for a SunWest Classic credit card at our branch near you, online or call our Loan-by-Phone Department.

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build a foundation

a father holds his toddler son's hands while he kicks a soccer ball with joy

We all have to start somewhere. Another option is our SunWest Secured Credit Card, which provides the perfect foundation you need to start building credit. Credit follows us throughout our lives, and SunWest will help you design the framework to make sure it works for you, not against you. The strangest thing about credit is that you have to have it in order to get it. Seems like a paradox, right? How do you build credit when you are expected to already have it? The answer is actually relatively simple. Start here. A Secured Credit Card allows you to build your score from the bottom up. There is no risk, because you “secure” the credit card limit with your own money.

If you're looking to begin your credit journey, we can help you with a

secured card

here's how it works:

You have $500

for the purposes of this example, let's say you have $500 in your savings.


We put that $500 on hold in your account

We put that $500 on hold in your account and give you a credit card that you can use for up to $500.


we remove the hold once the balance has been paid

Once you’ve built your credit up, pay off any remaining balance on your Secured Credit Card, and we remove the hold on your $500.

sunwest secured card features:

A Secured Credit Card is also the perfect tool for those rebuilding credit. Sometimes life throws a wrench in our plans, cracking our foundation. This can lead to bad credit, decreased savings, predatory lending and a cycle of unfavorable financial practices (never with us, of course). Take some of that stress off and start here by allowing yourself a comeback. Credit is always something that can be repaired and improved. A Secured Credit Card lets you add positive credit history back into your report, brick by monthly brick.

get the most out of your secured credit card:

Keep your Secured Credit Card for a minimum of 12 months

It’s not all about the score. Credit history is important too. Not keeping it open for long enough can hinder progress.

Never let your balance go higher than 30% of your limit

If your limit is $500, you don’t want your balance to go any higher than $150.

Make a monthly payment & always pay on time

An easy method is to use your card for the same thing every month and then pay the balance off as soon as you get your bill. This keeps you from paying interest and allows enough time to report a payment to your credit.

make money moves

Don’t let the fear of the big, bad credit monster keep you sidelined. Get in the game with a Classic Mastercard® or a Secured Credit Card from SunWest Credit Union.

*APR = Annual Percentage Rate. See a representative for details.
**Please keep in mind we always pull credit for any new member as part of our identity verification process.

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Still unsure which credit card is right for you? No worries - we want to empower our members to make educated financial decisions that make sense for their individual lives. Take the quiz below to compare our different account types.

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