Mi Herencia, Mi Legado (My Heritage, My Legacy)

We’re taking time during National Hispanic Heritage Month to shine the light on one of the major cultures in this Arizona mixing pot. We know there are so many unique points of view out there, and every culture has their own. A few of our employees that come from Hispanic and Latino backgrounds are sharing their personal stories.

To celebrate National Hispanic Heritage Month,

we interviewed a few of our employees to get a better understanding of how their cultural traits play a role in day-to-day life and how that influences their banking habits. Alex is an Assistant Branch Manager at our Cactus Branch and would like to share his point of view and the influences his Mexican heritage has had on his life.

What is your Hispanic heritage?


What events or traditions do you celebrate that are specific to your culture?

I grew up celebrating Mother's Day in the USA and Mexican Mother's day. We also celebrate quinceañeras as a traditional celebration.

How was your experience growing up immersed in Mexican culture? Were traditions important to your family?

My experience growing up was nothing less than fun! I grew up attending family parties frequently, gathering around the dinner table and attending church every Sunday to give thanks for what we had.

Do you feel like your family is more progressive or traditional with their finances, and why?

Growing up, my dad was all about paying "cash" for everything. He didn't believe in debt or having to owe someone money. My siblings all began working for banks shortly after high school, and that's when our mindsets changed. We began learning the aspect of "credit" and how important it was in order to purchase larger items.

Who has had a major influence in your life?

My dad.

How does your heritage influence your spending/saving habits? Is there an emphasis on saving for long-term goals? Have you received financial advice from your family/elders based on your culture?

My dad always told me to not spend more than what you make. Growing up, I had to earn my allowance. That taught me the value of a dollar and the rewards of working hard.

This question is very important: What are your favorite food dishes?

I love all Mexican food! Especially pozole & tamales during the Holidays.

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October 20, 2021

Published by SunWest Credit Union

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