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Auto loans shouldn’t be a one-way relationship, and it’s okay to break up with yours if it’s not what’s best for you.

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refi to an auto loan that makes sense

At SunWest Credit Union, we’ll give you both the emotional and financial support for your auto loan breakup. Refinance your auto loan and never settle for an auto loan or payment schedule that doesn’t work for where you are in life right now.

reduce monthly payments

Refi your current auto loan payment to better fit your monthly budget.

change loan terms

Whether you want to reduce the term or extend it, refinancing gives you options.

competitive rates

Lower your APR when you refi your auto loan + save loads on interest.

cash out

Use your vehicle’s equity to finance a large purchase, consolidate debt +  more.

pre-pay any day

Zero prepayment penalties. Pay more whenever you want + save on interest.

sunwest protects

We offer deals on GAP, Extended Warranty + Debt Protection to fully protect your purchase.

refinancing your auto loan might for you if…

The amount owed on your statement makes you want to jump into the nearest body of water because it never seems to go down.

Interest rates have significantly dropped since you originally financed your vehicle, or if your credit score has increased + you qualify for a much lower rate.

Your income has decreased, and your monthly payment is now too high.

You can afford to pay more monthly and want to pay your car off sooner with a shorter term. Shorter terms can often mean a lower interest rate.

You need cash. A cash-out refinance makes money available to you using the equity in your vehicle at the low rate of an auto loan.

Refinancing your auto loan is a stress-free way to save major $$$. That gives you money to spend on…well, whatever you want.

protect what's yours

You put in the refi research and found the loan that fits you best. Now it’s time to protect your investment. As a SunWest Credit Union member, you have access to discounts on comprehensive auto coverages designed to keep your auto and wallet safe.

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