Auction Tips

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First time at an auction? Here are some tips.

  • If you’re not sure if an auction is right for you, attend one just to see how the process works. SunWest auctions are held on select Thursdays at 10:00am. They are free and open to the public.
  • Research the vehicles you’re interested in before auction day. Review the Auction Docket that’s available for the vehicle. Third party sites such as Kelley Blue Book, the National Automobile Dealers’ Association (NADA) and CarFax can also provide additional information.
  • Be sure to bring photo identification to the auction.
  • Figure out how much you’re willing to bid on a vehicle. SunWest auctions require that the winner pay for the vehicle that day, so be sure you have cash, a certified check or a loan pre-approval letter from SunWest ready.
  • Arrive at the auction early to get a closer look at the vehicles and register as a bidder.
  • If you don’t win the auction for your car, keep looking at the dockets for future auctions. We may be auctioning off another vehicle that’s the same make, model and year.

Vehicles must be paid for and removed from the lot on the same day as the sale. All winning bids must be honored by 4:30pm on auction day. All vehicles are sold "as is" without any expressed or implied warranties.