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When your baby is no longer a baby...

...and hits that magic age where they start asking for every stuffed animal or box of cookies or video game they can see, it can be hard to convince them that you’re not a millionaire, and money does have a limit. After all, they see you buy stuff all the time with that little plastic card! Fear not, parents: it’s easier than you might think to start your kid in the world of finance.

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why save?

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Teaching the Value of Money

Set the foundation for a future of financial education so your child is prepared to conquer the world.

smart from the start

Our Pounce Accounts are designed to help empower children to make smart money decisions from the start.

Toddler boy smiles with delight as he makes eye contact with Pounce's cardboard cutout in a SunWest branch.
pounce fun with each deposit

When your child becomes a Pounce Accounts member, not only do they get a Pounce goodie bag, but they also get a sticker card to help them keep track of their deposits. After every four deposits of $5 or more into their savings account, they get to choose a prize from Pounce's toy chest to take home with them.