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I didn’t start thinking about banking until I turned 21.

To some, this statement may seem incredibly immature or irresponsible. To others, it may hit close to home. Truth is, my head was usually occupied by which concert would be my next or which fictional world I should spend the day wandering the pages of. I had no idea how loans worked or what having a bad credit score meant, and I sincerely didn’t care. I knew how to deposit and withdraw money in my checking account, and I had heard my parents talk about saving at some point or another, but I wasn’t actually paying attention. My experience in financial education was what you would call lacking. Isn’t that the problem with most of adult life? You need experience to be successful, but you’re not shown how to get it. My siblings unwittingly became my teachers. As the youngest of the four, I watched them make a lot of – I don’t want to say wrong, but – definitely not right decisions, which always left them broke and begging our mom to “borrow” money that would never be returned. So I typically did the exact opposite. Now it’s my turn to be the older sibling and share what I’ve learned, stumbles and all.

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