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now that you're 13-17, take your money into your own hands

You’ve been told time and time again that saving is important.

“You need to save for college!” “Set money aside to save up for a car!” “Keep your eyes on the prize!” But how do you save for the future when the present is happening right now? Your friends are buying new clothes, the latest games, awesome shoes. It’s no fun being the only one who saves all their money for years. So don’t save all your money. You can enjoy the now and also prepare for the days to come by learning how to save money as a teen.

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Make Money As A Teen Entrepreneur

How can you make money to buy what you want while balancing school and extracurriculars? If you’re ready to work hard, your options are open.

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Our Future Funders Accounts help you practice managing your money so you can take control of your future.

SunWest Future Funder account stamp cards with eight stamps spaces on the back and the Future Funders logo on the front side
get rewarded for saving

When you become a Future Funder, not only do you get a Future Funders goodie bag, but you also get a stamp card. This card works just like a coffee shop stamp card, where you receive a stamp from one of our branch representatives each time you make a deposit of $25 or more into your savings account. Every eight stamps, we also deposit $25 into your savings to give an extra boost towards your future plans.