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We aren’t your average bank–we’re real people making an extraordinary difference for over 84 years.

two women wearing hats and holding a sign
SunWest staff wearing SunWest Cares t-shirts huddle for a group photo outside Phoenix Children's Hospital on a sunny day

est. 1937

SunWest was founded on the belief that financial institutions should exist to serve. Our original founders knew then what a lot of bankers still don’t understand. Financial institutions should help people, not take advantage of them. That’s why 12 telephone workers came together to create a financial cooperative with one goal in mind--to help people thrive financially so they can excel personally.

We opened in 1937 as Phoenix Telco and ended our first year with 45 flourishing members and a solid foundation for future growth. Today, we stand stronger than ever with over 50,000 members and 117 employees committed to upholding our founding promise to help all members grow and thrive. Our members continue to rely on us to get them where they want to be because they know we care more about their lives than we do our bottom line.

Mission + Vision

Through our empowered staff, SunWest’s mission is to provide exceptional service focused on dedication, integrity and compassion to help our members grow and thrive.

SunWest Federal Credit Union will improve the financial health of our members while enriching the communities we serve. We will accomplish this by sticking to our core values.


We treat others with honesty, integrity, + respect.


We provide exceptional service with compassion + empathy.


We honor our commitments by being empowered, resourceful, + accountable.


We are passionate about serving our communities + creating a positive impact.

Banks care about profit

Credit Unions care about you

Own it

YOU are the most important person to a credit union. Our members own a share of the credit union while banks are owned by shareholders.

Keep your money

Banks have to make a profit to keep their shareholders at bay while credit unions are not-for-profit. This means we aren’t obsessed with the bottom line and we can focus on keeping fees low and interest rates on savings high. We also work to keep our loan interest rates low so you can keep a higher percentage of the money you work so hard for every day.

Support local

Banks love the dollar. Credit unions love the people. Since we are not-for-profit, we have a lot more flexibility to build stronger communities and lend a helping hand to those who need it most. When you choose a credit union, you are choosing to support your growing community.

Call the shots

Shareholders (with deep pockets) elect and pay the Board of Directors. YOU vote on our Board of Directors and no one pays a dime. That’s right. Credit union board members are volunteers selected to ensure your interests come first.

Travel with confidence

Sure, banks are everywhere. So are large coffee chains with even longer lines. That doesn’t mean they’re the best option. Luckily for you, you get the best of both worlds with a credit union. SunWest is a member of a nationwide shared branching + ATM network that includes thousands of locations across the U.S. You don’t have to sacrifice service for convenience–we offer both.

Rest easy

Both banks and credit unions provide insurance for your deposits. Credit unions insure up to $250,000 and are backed by the NCUA, while banks are insured up to $250,000 thanks to the FDIC.

Still not concinved?

Check out our video series to learn more about credit unions and the SunWest difference.

Join our team

Our employees rock and we aren’t afraid to sing their praises. They care deeply about their community and they work hard for our members.

We know we wouldn’t be one of the best credit unions in Arizona without them so we do our part to guarantee their happiness.

* That’s why we offer excellent benefits and strive to create an atmosphere to be envied. You have to work to support the life you love, so why not love the work you do?

ten SunWest Employees volunteering with SunWest Cares huddle together and smile for a group photo at Andre House in Phoenix

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