Ready to roar

Join Pounce the Ocelot on an adventure of a lifetime!

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Pounce the Ocelot turns his head and blinks at you with paws on the "screen"
a father laughs while holding his toddler son on his shoulders in the park

Building a bright future

There’s something truly magical about watching children learn. The way their adorable little faces light up when they add a new skill to their belt is one of the most rewarding moments as a parent. It’s also so inspiring to think that what they learn today sets them up for a lifetime of continued growth and future success. As a credit union with deep roots in Arizona, we know that one of the most important skills a child can learn is how to manage their finances.

We also know that preparing your children to take over their own finances can be a daunting task for any parent. But that’s where we come in. SunWest Credit Union, along with our favorite pal Pounce, is ready to help you create the strong foundation needed to transform your child into a financially savvy adult. Take a look at our youth account designed to help your little achiever crush their financial goals and most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Jumpstart your little one's Savings

Pounce has worked hard to create the most comprehensive youth account that meets your children where they are on their financial journey. He knows the key to a healthy mindset is getting kids excited about important financial topics.

Join him as he teaches his best friend, Paws the Mountain Lion, how to save money and plan ahead so he doesn’t regret his decisions in the future. Together, these furry felines will provide solid financial education, activities designed to make banking fun, and perks that will make you wish you were a kid again.

Take a look at just a few of the benefits you can expect when you enroll your child in the best youth account from SunWest Credit Union:

Make Deposits

Earn 3.00% APY* on the first $1,000 deposited and kiss those fees goodbye. SunWest will also deposit $10 into your child’s account after we’ve handed them a goodie bag complete with their very own Pounce keychain. That’s youth accounts done right.


Earn 3.00% APY* on the first $1,000 deposited and kiss those fees goodbye. SunWest will also deposit $10 into your child’s account after we’ve handed them a goodie bag complete with their very own Pounce keychain. That’s youth accounts done right.


Use our special Pounce sticker cards to keep track of deposits into your child’s account. After your 4th deposit of $5 or more, help your little one pick a prize from Pounce’s very own treasure chest!


Did we mention you can submit your child’s masterpiece for a chance to win Pounce-approved prizes? Pounce and Paws also work together to develop exciting contests throughout the year so there are many opportunities to win big!

love to learn

Check out the Pounce Accounts blog to access exclusive activities and financial education tailored to your little one’s journey.

Make a loan payment

Transfer money between accounts

withdraw cash

Check balances and recent account history

Make Deposits

Get started

Instilling healthy financial habits at a young age can lead to life-long confidence. Open a Pounce Account for your little one today at one of 8 Arizona branch locations. Here's what you'll need to bring with you:

  • Government-issued i.d.

  • official mail with current address if different from your i.d.

  • Your social security number + your child's social security number

Pounce + pals

Pounce the Ocelot is here to help walk you through your very first experiences spending and saving money. His best friend, Paws the Mountain Lion, helps him navigate through their desert adventures along the way.

Meet Pounce


Ocelot (Leopardus pardalis)
Pounce the ocelot side view of his whole body as he's walking


Arizona Desert
Pounce the Ocelot's Arizona desert scenery with towering mountains, palm trees, desert succulents, and prickly pear cactus

Favorite color:

Blue crayon

Favorite food:

Ice Cream
an ice cream cone with three scoops: blueberry, mint, and strawberry

Favorite drink:

Prickly Pear Tea
A tall glass of prickly pear iced tea
Pounce loves to save his money to collect more and more stickers on his Pounce Accounts card. When he counts 4 stickers on his card, he gets to choose a prize from the treasure chest to take home with him! Pounce likes to save money now so he can buy something more expensive in the future.Pounce knows that the more he saves in his Pounce Account, the more money he’ll be able to spend on the things he wants the most.

After saving the money he earned from his chores and working hard to get an A in math, Pounce was able to buy his friend, Paws, the new Lego set that Paws had been wanting for his birthday. Pounce even had enough money to treat the both of them to ice cream cones for a sweet birthday dessert! He chose one scoop of each of his favorite flavors: Blueberry, Mint, and Strawberry! For Pounce, nothing could be better to keep cool in Arizona and celebrate with his best friend than a day spent eating ice cream.

Meet Paws


Mountain Lion (Puma concolor)
view of Paws' who body from side


Arizona Mountains
Paw's the Mountain Lion's Arizona desert scenery with jagged mountains, agave, and prickly pear cactus

Favorite color:

a green crayon

Favorite food:

Seasoned Fruit Cups
a cup of fruit with seasoning on top

Favorite drink:

A tall glass of ice-cold lemonade
Paws wants to save his money, but he doesn't want to wait to spend it. He's learning from Pounce it's important to have patience and save money for things he might want later, like his choice of toy from the treasure chest! He's always there for Pounce when he needs help, and together they make a great team.Paws loves the Arizona heat. You can often find him relaxing in the mountains, sipping on fresh iced lemonade. Arizona is the perfect place for Paws to enjoy all of his favorite things with his best friend,

Pounce. When he starts to get too hot from lying in the desert sun, Paws calls Pounce to join him at the lake at the bottom of the mountain. The two besties could spend the whole day in the water, racing each other from shore to shore and seeing who can catch the biggest fish. After a long day of fun, Paws says goodbye to Pounce and settles down with a chilled cup of fresh fruit, reflecting on the adventures of the day.

Quiz:are you pounce's #1 fan?

Answer the questions to see if you can remember all of Pounce's favorite things!

1. what are pounce's favorite ice cream flavors?

Mint Brownie, Ocelot Tracks, and Peanut Butter Cup

Chocolate, Vanilla, and Cherry

Blueberry, Mint, and Strawberry

Way to go!

an ice cream cone with three scoops: blueberry, mint, and strawberry

Cookies + Cream, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, and Birthday Cake

2. how many stickers does pounce count on his card before choosing a toy from the treasure chest?


Way to go!

Pounce Accounts stamp card showing eight sticker spaces on the back of the card and Pounce in his desert scene on the front of the card




3. What is paw's favorite drink?

Chocolate Milk

Cucumber Water

Apple Juice


Way to go!

A tall glass of ice-cold lemonade

4. Which types of wild cats are pounce and paws?

Pounce is a tiger and Paws is a leopard

Pounce is an ocelot and Paws is a mountain lion

Way to go!

Pounce the ocelot side view of his whole body as he's walkingview of Paws' who body from side

Pounce is a leopard and Paws is a bobcat

Pounce is a cheetah and Paws is a lynx

5. how does pounce manage his money?

He spends it all as soon as he gets it

He gives half of it to Paws

He saves it in his Pounce Account so he earns more money for later

Way to go!

Illustration of Pounce leaning against counter to hand money to a teller at a SunWest branch

He buries it in a secret spot in the middle of the desert

Play the video  to see a message from pounce!

Get the latest activity sheet!

Pounce loves learning, and he has a whole series of regularly published coloring sheets to share what he learns with you! Browse the gallery of photos below to see beautiful artwork from Pounce's pals.

a young boy displays his completed coloring sheet of Pounce's mask
Young girl showing off her Pounce coloring sheet where she designed Pounce's mask
a smiling young girl shows off her winning coloring sheet white posing by Pounce the Ocelot's cardboard cutout in a branch
Three young boys posing for photo by Pounce's cardboard cutout and poster in a SunWest branch
Toddler boy smiles with delight as he makes eye contact with Pounce's cardboard cutout in a SunWest branch
Several completed Pounce coloring sheets displayed on branch window

become a
pounce pal!

And just like that, you have a teenager

Your little baby is not so little anymore and it’s time to prepare them for the next stop on their financial journey. We know that your teenager has different financial requirements than a young learner, and we have just the thing to keep them on their toes.

Once your child turns 13 years old, we automatically advance them to the next youth account level, also known as our Future Funders, on the first month following their 13th birthday. We know you’ll have your hands full with all the exciting changes that are ahead for your teen, so we are doing our part to make sure you have one less thing to worry about.

teenage woman with formal pink dress andd flowers in her hair ready for her Quinceañera