personal loans in arizona

Your financial story is as unique as you. Keep writing your story with a SunWest Arizona Personal Loan that’ll help you achieve your financial goals.

features you can appreciate

overdraft protection
mobile banking
zelle + mobile wallet

let’s get personal

Personal Loans can be used for just about anything you can dream up: a destination wedding, a medical procedure, debt consolidation, new home appliances, a bucket list vacation. With low interest rates and fixed monthly payments, you can design the life you want on a budget that is tailored to fit you.  

competitive loan rates

Fixed rates as low as 9.90% APR that beat most credit cards and lines of credit, saving you big bucks.

flexible terms

Terms ranging from 6-60 months, so you can decide what works best for your budget.

an end in sight

A closed-end SunWest Personal Loan takes the guesswork out of monthly payments. You’ll know exactly how much to pay each month + when your loan will be paid off.

no prepayment penalty

Make overpayments when you can + save on interest payments without fear of additional fees. We’re here to cheerlead your financial success!

no collateral required

Unsecured Personal Loans mean less paperwork + quicker availability of funds as there are no additional liens to file.

no judgment

No minimum score requirement. We review your multiple factor such as income, credit history + your personal story to see if the loan is a good fit.

easy + quick funding

No minimum score requirement. We review your multiple factor such as income, credit history + your personal story to see if the loan is a good fit.

make it happen

Yes, that. Make that happen. Whatever it is you’re dreaming up in that head of yours, our Personal Loan can help bring it to life.

- Consolidate + payoff high-interest debt to save money
- Plan your dream wedding
- Manage an unexpected medical expense
- Prepare for a new pet
+ more!

check out rates + estimate your home equity loan payment

closed-end personal loan

Minimum term of 6 months

Maximum term of 60 months
APR as low as 9.90%
Payment of $87.87 per $1,000

Payment of $21.20 per $1,000

apply for a personal loan

Give us a call and speak to one of our Lending extraordinaires. They can go into more detail and even take your application over the phone. You can also apply online from the comfort of your own home.

keeping a healthy money mindset

As with any type of credit, it’s always best to do a quick assessment of what your ultimate goals are with this loan and how it will affect your overall financial wellness.


borrow responsibly

It’s tempting to accept a loan offer for something you really want, but taking on unnecessary debt without understanding how it fits with your long-term financial plans can be risky.


consider your term length

You don’t want your monthly payment so high that you’re struggling to pay it, but you don’t want to stretch out payments too long and pay more interest than necessary.


compare numbers

Once we have approved your Debt Protection claim, we will either cancel your loan balance or the number of payments covered by your plan.


don’t borrow more than you need

Decide on the maximum amount you need for your loan purposes, and don’t accept a higher amount just because it’s offered, unless it’s to pay down other debt and save you money.

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