Personal loans in Arizona

We know your financial situation is unique – just like you. A SunWest personal loan gives you complete control over your story.

Features you can appreciate

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Let's get personal

One of the great things about credit unions is that we focus on the person, not the number. Chase and Bank of America are two of the biggest banks in our American economy, and yet, they don’t offer Personal Loans. Whereas big banks may see an unsecured loan as too big of a risk for them, SunWest sees this as an opportunity to relate to those in our community on a deeper level and to help our members improve their financial health.

Not everyone has big government bailouts to prop them up when they fall down or Wall Street-level investments to borrow from at the drop of a hat. We care about you, your situation, your struggles, your hopes, and your dreams. That’s why we offer personal loans that can be customized to help you where you need it, when you need it.

What is a personal loan?And personal loan features:

Personal Loans can be a great way to pay for large expenses such as vehicle repairs, a root canal, a dream wedding, or that vacation you’ve been planning since you got your first paycheck. Personal loans can also be used to consolidate debt and get rid of credit cards with ridiculous interest rates.

Generally speaking, this specific loan type can often be difficult for people to obtain due to the fact that it is unsecured debt, which puts more risk on the lender. As a credit union, we look at an individual’s life story, not just what their last bank statement says.

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Low rates–like 7.90%

That's right–7.90% promotional APR* for new members. Let’s start our relationship off with a little tender love and care. Ask your Branch Representative to walk you through your credit report to see how a SunWest Personal Loan can benefit you.

Rates for existing members start as low as 9.90%. Lower than most credit cards, a SunWest Personal Loan also gives you a fixed interest rate throughout the term of the loan. APR* rate discount promotions throughout the year for current members. Check out our Promotions page to see if we are offering an interest rate discount for current SunWest members.

Flexible terms

Terms starting from 6 months, all the way to 60 months. Have your Branch Representative review payment options based on the different terms, so you can decide what works best for your personal plan. Shorter terms mean a higher monthly payment, but you’ll end up paying less interest.

Longer terms give you wiggle room in your monthly budget which can come in handy during those times you’re stretched thin. You’ll pay more in interest, but you can also choose to pay extra on those months you’re able, paying the loan off early and saving on interest charges.

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No collateral required

These loans are unsecured, which means you don’t have to secure it with your house or car. As a result, there is typically less paperwork and quicker availability of funds.

No judgement

No score requirement. Some financial institutions require you to be at a certain credit score in order to qualify for an unsecured loan. At SunWest, we look at your story to see if the loan is a good fit.

Don’t fear applying because you think you may have bad credit or a low credit score. Apply today and let’s take a look together.

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let's do this

Applying for a personal loan is free and straightforward at SunWest. Once the application has been submitted, we will contact you with the next steps.

We will then fund the loan by either issuing a check or depositing the funds into your SunWest account.

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