Mind the gap

Keep that new car smell and protect what’s yours. SunWest offers comprehensive Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) + Mechanical Breakdown Protection (MBP) to keep you in that driver’s seat.

Features you can appreciate

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Rest assured

Buying a car is like a renewal of freedom out on the open road. We always go into it hoping that we’ve made the right decision and that the vehicle experience will be positive, but there are a lot of ways a car can go wrong. Luckily, SunWest offers GAP Insurance and Mechanical Breakdown Protection to make sure you can enjoy the ride without the stress.

You will also find that these services through SunWest typically offer a substantial discount from what you’ll see at the dealer, or other third-party sellers. You may have also heard the statistic that a new car immediately depreciates by about 11% when you drive it off the lot, and loses 20% of its value by the end of the first year. We can’t change the vehicle market, but we CAN help protect you if the unthinkable happens to your vehicle.

Guaranteed auto protection (gap) features:

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) is the little auto loan angel that rightfully gets a lot of praise. This coverage will pay you the difference between the outstanding balance of your loan and any insurance settlement if your vehicle is stolen and has not been recovered within your insurance provider’s required timeframe (typically 30 days), or totaled in an accident.

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Roll it in

Can be financed within your auto loan. When you purchase GAP, you pay a one-time fee of $425 that can be included in your auto loan, so you don’t have to come up with cash or finance this purchase separately.  

Get reimbursed

Includes Auto Deductible Reimbursement. Deductibles can feel like rubbing salt in a wound, and reimbursement coverage is the salve to ease the sting. Deductible reimbursement up to $500, twice a year, for the first two years of your loan.

Cover multiple vehicles

There is no limit on the number of CDs you can have at SunWest. Set up a 5-year certificate for each one of your children and let it renew until you’re ready to give them the funds. Bonds are out, CDs are in.

Don't sweat it

GAP also covers up to 90 days of delinquent or skipped payments per loan term.

$1,000 replacement credit

$1,000 credit* toward your replacement vehicle if it’s being financed through SunWest. This is paid to the principle of the new loan and will not affect your monthly payment.

How do i sign up for gap?

For a one-time payment, your new vehicle can be covered with Guaranteed Auto Protection from SunWest and Allied Solutions. Get a quote today and enjoy the open road, worry-free.

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Redefining investment

If we’re being transparent, a car isn’t exactly an investment in the true sense of the word. An investment implies that you’ll make money or gain equity from what you’ve put in. When it comes to buying a car, you’re almost guaranteed to see the value rapidly decrease rather than increase. So what happens to your vehicle’s remaining equity if it’s totaled or stolen? Well, you probably know GAP is an amazing resource for covering the gap between what your insurance will pay and what you still owe on your loan.

However, in a total loss situation, your vehicle’s MSRP (retail value) may be more than you owe – especially if you made a down payment. Depreciation Protection (DPW) is an investment in yourself to ensure that the strategy you’ve put into paying down your vehicle loan pays off.

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Invest in yourself with dpw from sunwest:

  • Open enrollment + protection throughout the life of your loan

  • Claims are not determined by mileage, make, or year

  • If you decide it’s not for you, cancel within 60 days for a full refund

  • Auto Deductible Reimbursement included – let us cover up to $500 of your deductible

  • Accidental Death protection included provides up to $1,000 toward your loan if you die in an accident

Learn more about the benefits of DPW and sign up today.

Enroll today

Look no further for a smooth and quick enrolment process. We'll get you squared away within a few minutes, but here's what you need to get set up:

  • Use a desktop/laptop computer

  • have your sunwest member number handy

  • have your social security number handy

Mechanical breakdown protection (mbp) features

Another important point to consider when purchasing a vehicle is what your plan will be in the case you encounter potentially pricey repairs. Not everyone is going to be able to drop a few grand on a new suspension system, and having a warranty means you don’t have to.

Our mechanical breakdown protection helps to offset costs of those expensive repairs like a new transmission, engine, electrical components, and more. With Mechanical Breakdown Protection from SunWest, a breakdown isn’t the end of the line. Visit any licensed mechanic throughout the US, and we’ll advocate for the best pricing and pay the deductible.

24-hour roadside assistance

Day or night, your coverage will help you get back on the road as soon as possible.

Protect your tires

Road hazard protection for your tires, so that nail on the highway doesn’t deflate your bank account.

$0 deductible

When you’re at a licensed mechanic, call your Allied agent. They’ll make sure the mechanic is giving you a fair price and pay the deductible right then and there.

Take that trip

Vehicle rental assistance & trip interruption benefits. No one wants their getaway from stress to actually be more stressful. An extended warranty can help get you back to enjoying scenic views and greasy diner food in no time.

How do i sign up for mbp?

When you purchase both Mechanical Breakdown Protection and Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP), you save money long-term and make life a little more hassle-free. Learn more about how you can save with this discount here from SunWest and Allied Solutions.

*New vehicle must be purchased within 90 days of your original GAP claim. Your vehicle GAP claim must be paid out on eligible loans if your vehicle is totaled or stolen and not recovered. See policy for complete details.

a young, stylish man wearing a suit and a woman wearing a white dress laugh while chatting with the car saleswoman in the well-lit car showroom