Enjoy the now

We offer three different credit card options so you can relax and enjoy the moment – no matter what surprise or planned purchases you make.

Features you can appreciate

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Keeping it classic

Classic is a vibe that says, “There is a beauty in simplicity.”At SunWest, we want you to have all the diamond-encrusted luxury your heart desires, but not everyone’s heart beats for the glitter and gold.

Our Classic Mastercard® Credit Card provides the security of revolving credit whenever you need it, combined with the low interest rate you would expect from your community financial institution.

The features you need:

Going Classic is also the perfect way to announce yourself to the world of credit and wade the waters while you continue to build up your profile.

If you’re just starting on your credit journey, you can also check out our Secured Credit Cards to see which option is best for you.

Our Branch Representatives can chat with you one-on-one to break down the options and help you see which style fits you best.

$0 annual fee

With our Classic Mastercard® Credit Card, you never have to pay to play. We don't charge an annual fee, so your money stays yours.

go low

Confidently use your available credit when the time is right for you. Pay your full balance before you start accruing interest, or finance out large purchases with a low monthly payment.

stress less + less

A lower rate of 14.90% APR* equals less stress and more money in your pocket.

mobile wallet

Add your SunWest Classic Mastercard® credit card to your Mobile Wallet for quick and easy purchases.

transfer away

Move over balances from high-interest credit cards and personal loans to knock out those balances quicker.

Make a loan payment

Transfer money between accounts

withdraw cash

Check balances and recent account history

Make Deposits

Get started on the classic credit track

It’s time to answer the call and transform your dreams into reality. Get started today with a Certificate of Deposit from SunWest Credit Union.

Stop by your nearest branch or give us a call to chat more about your future.