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Life is calling. Prepare to answer with a SunWest Credit Union Certificate of Deposit.

features you can appreciate

overdraft protection
mobile banking
zelle + mobile wallet

certifiably invested

A Certificate of Deposit is a safe investment option with fixed rates and guaranteed return that won’t leave you howling at the Wall Street market boards.

earn fearlessly

Deposit as low as $500 for any of our terms. Tiptoe into a sea of savings without fear of shark-infested waters.

your life, your terms

Terms start as short as 6 months and can go as high as 5 years with higher terms typically earn higher rates. Set your pace.

rest assured

SunWest Credit Union Certificates of Deposit are insured by the NCUA up to $250,000 per account owner. Invest with assurance.

guaranteed rate

With 3 free withdrawals per month, you have flexible access to your money when you need it. Subsequent withdrawals are $5 each until the month resets.

the limit does not exist

There is no limit on the number of CDs you can have at SunWest. You can even build a CD ladder of various certificate terms for more flexibility. Bonds are out, CDs are in.

earn more

Look at you go. You possess the rare ability to forgo the now so you can enjoy the later on your own terms. Fortunately, for your finances and your happiness, you’ve stumbled upon a local Arizona credit union that has everything you need to continue on the path to financial wellness.

A SunWest Certificate of Deposit is a safe way to invest and earn big. Although we don’t normally encourage a “set it and forget it” mindset when it comes to banking, CDs allow you to do just that. Simply choose your term and deposit amount, and you’ll have a long-term plan to crush your life goals.

Want to pay off your mortgage by age 45? Planning to travel the world? We have the savings account you need to make it all possible.

anything else i should know?

We can talk about saving money until the Cardinals win a Superbowl, or until your three-year-old finishes telling you a story, but we know you can’t wait around for a miracle so let’s get to it.

Diversifying your portfolio can be a good way to ensure you have semi-liquid access to funds, while also building your returns in a sustainable way. Instead of committing your total amount to a single CD, you can divvy up those funds across multiple CDs – each with different maturity dates. While this strategy slightly decreases the overall dividends earned, portions of the total sum become available for reinvestment throughout the life of the ladder.

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Ring, ring. Answer the call and transform your dreams into reality. Get started today with a SunWest Certificate of Deposit. Stop by your nearest branch or give us a call to chat more about your future.Toll-Free:

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