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SunWest staff wearing SunWest Cares t-shirts huddle for a group photo outside Phoenix Children's Hospital on a sunny day
smiling SunWest employee kayaks on lake pleasant to collect and dispose of trash while volunteering with SunWest Cares

Live your passion

When you work with us, you’re not just clocking in and hoping for the best. You aren’t counting down the minutes until you can hop in your car and drive far, far away from your workplace. Nope, not here. When you work with SunWest, you’re devoting your time to something bigger than yourself. We aren’t just Branch Representatives, Marketing Gurus, Human Resource Professionals, Lending Extraordinaires, or Financial Experts.

We are friends, family, support systems, and most importantly, we are difference makers. We are passionate about helping others achieve the highest level of financial success and we feel strongly about our communities. Join our team if you’re ready to do what you love, while helping those who need what you have to offer.

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We love featuring our employees on our social media, and our members even show the love with written reviews about their favorite SunWest team members.

Feel free to browse our accounts to see how much fun we have working alongside real people who love serving people.

eight SunWest Employees and their families pose on stage as they volunteer with SunWest Cares at Peoria Theatre of the Arts
two women wearing hats and holding a sign
three SunWest employees volunteer with SunWest cares to prepare food for children in Tucson
sunwest cares employee helping a dog with a cone on its head

Sunwest cares

SunWest cares so much that we have made it part of our mission to help those who need it most.

Whether it’s donating raised funds to local charities through our Refinance for a Reason program or helping our members get through difficult times through our Pay it Forward initiative, we know what it means to go above and beyond industry expectations.

We don't just show up

We work to actively improve the lives and financial wellbeing of each and every one of our members. We're passionate about helping people and making a difference in our Arizona community. Since launching our employee volunteer program, SunWest Cares, in 2019, we have volunteered over 600 hours of our time to help organizations like Phoenix Children's Hospital, Ben's Bells, and the Phoenix Zoo.

sunwest cares team posing at telethon event
a group of people posing for a photo

We’ve also made it a habit to donate proceeds from annual promotions like Refi-for-a-Reason, where we give $50 to a designated charity for every auto loan refinanced. We don't just talk the talk, we walk the walk. You could even say our money is where our mouth is when it comes to committing to our employees, members, and community.

six SunWest employees volunteering with SunWest Cares cut fruit to prepare lunch at Andre House in Phoenix
a group of people posing for a photo with a dog
sixteen SunWest employees volunteer on a sunny day with SunWest Cares to help pull weeds and landscape at the Phoenix Zoo

lending a helping hand

SunWest Cares was created to help us fulfill our goal of bettering our community in as many ways as possible. We’ve participated in a variety of events all around Arizona! At the Phoenix Zoo, we helped clear a stream clogged with weeds so it could flow freely again.

At Andre House in Phoenix, we prepared and served more than 500 meals in one evening, as well as helped sort clothing donations. With Go Paddle AZ at Pleasant Harbor, we went out in kayaks to gather trash to help clean up the beautiful Lake Pleasant. We work together to build communities and support the causes our employees care about the most.

Mission + Vision

Through our empowered staff, SunWest’s mission is to provide exceptional service focused on dedication, integrity and compassion to help our members grow and thrive.

SunWest Federal Credit Union will improve the financial health of our members while enriching the communities we serve. We will accomplish this by sticking to our core values.


We treat others with honesty, integrity, + respect.


We provide exceptional service with compassion + empathy.


We honor our commitments by being empowered, resourceful, + accountable.


We are passionate about serving our communities + creating a positive impact.

Join our team

Our employees rock and we aren’t afraid to sing their praises. They care deeply about their community and they work hard for our members.

We know we wouldn’t be one of the best credit unions in Arizona without them so we do our part to guarantee their happiness.

* That’s why we offer excellent benefits and strive to create an atmosphere to be envied. You have to work to support the life you love, so why not love the work you do?

ten SunWest Employees volunteering with SunWest Cares huddle together and smile for a group photo at Andre House in Phoenix