Overdraft Protection

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Overdraft Protection
We’ve all been there. Whether you made an honest mistake in balancing your checkbook or just simply forgot to transfer money between accounts, SunWest has you covered. We understand that mistakes happen so we have created a group of services that enable your transactions to be processed—even without sufficient funds.

Courtesy Overdraft for Checks and Recurring Debit Card Transactions
This is our basic form of overdraft protection, which can cover withdrawals and purchases up to $500 in overdraft. SunWest may temporarily cover your overdrafts until you can deposit funds into your checking account*.

Courtesy Overdraft for ATM and One-Time Debit Card Transactions
This is an enhancement to our basic Courtesy Overdraft that extends coverage to ATM withdrawals and one-time debit card transactions. This service is available upon your request; you must opt in to benefit from this additional overdraft protection.

Overdraft Protection by Linking Accounts
This form of overdraft protection links your checking account to your primary share account or revolving line of credit loan. If a transaction exceeds the available amount in your checking account, funds are automatically transferred between your accounts to cover the transaction.**

Extending Courtesy Overdraft
It is easy to protect yourself from overdrafts. Call 1-866-897-9378 or visit your local SunWest branch.

*With Courtesy Overdraft, certain restrictions and an overdraft fee will apply when used.
** Keeping a share account open with a minimum balance of $5.00 at all times is a requirement to being a member at SunWest. In certain circumstances, withdrawals/transfers from share accounts are limited by a Federal Regulation to 6 withdrawals/transfers per month.