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If you've ever been frustrated with your credit card, you are not alone. Between high interest rates and all of those fees, it’s too easy to pay way more than you should. Apply for a MasterCard from SunWest and enjoy the worldwide acceptance of MasterCard with the terms only a neighbor can provide.

SunWest MasterCard Comparison
  SunWest Gold MasterCard SunWest MasterCard Typical Bank Issued Credit Card
APR* for Purchases 12.50% 14.90% Up to 22.24%
APR* for Cash Advances 12.50% 14.90% Up to 24.90%
Default APR* 12.50% 14.90% Up to 29.99%
Annual Fee None None Up to $39 per year
Balance Transfer Fee None None Up to 4%
Membership in SunWest Yes Yes No
Additional Benefits Including Purchase Assurance Coverage Yes Yes No
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Secured MasterCard
The SunWest Secured MasterCard is an excellent way to establish a credit history or work on repairing a past credit issue. The card requires a minimum of $500 on deposit to secure a MasterCard with a non-variable rate of 7.90% APR*. More information

Home Equity Line of Credit
The home equity line of credit is a second mortgage and is available as a VISA Platinum Preferred credit card with a limit of 80% of the value of your home (up to $100,000). HELOC VISA Disclosure

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*APR = Annual Percentage Rate