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Modern. Approachable. Transparent.

The New SunWest Brand

Modern. Approachable. Transparent. These are the qualities we strive to embody here at SunWest because that's how banking should be. Our commitment to providing our members with the best products and services has led us to reinvent our brand and create an even stronger member experience. That's why we are excited to introduce our new logo and share changes to our name as we continue to improve the way you bank. 

Updating the look and feel of our brand doesn't change who we are or mean that we have forgotten where we started in 1937. Instead, it allows us to focus on where we're headed. We are proud of our history but know it's time to look forward and build upon our roots in order to provide the most convenient and effortless experience for our members. These changes to our brand are just the beginning of what we have planned to better serve you on your financial journey. As we adapt to our ever-evolving industry, we want you to know that our dedication to you is one thing that will never change.

Why did SunWest Federal Credit Union change its logo?

The new SunWest logo presents a modern twist on the previous logo that has carried SunWest for the past 30 years. Our new logo is more aligned with our growth and commitment to providing a modern, approachable, and transparent attitude towards banking.

Why did SunWest drop "Federal" from its name?

No longer using the term "Federal" creates a more inclusive brand and allows SunWest to reduce some of the confusion surrounding federal credit unions. We understand that being classified as a credit union instead of a bank can create unnecessary confusion as credit unions offer the same products and services as banks. The personable service, the commitment to community involvement, and the reduction in fees are the only differences in most cases. 

Did the credit union's contact information change?

No, all phone numbers and physical addresses remain the same and our website can still be located at 

Will my account number(s) change?

No. Your account number(s) and our routing number will not change.

Will I still be able to use my checks?

Yes. Once you run out of checks, the new ones will carry the updated logo.

Will my credit and debit cards still work?

Yes. Account number(s) and our routing number will not change so the logo and name update will not impact your cards. However, we are working to provide new cards that display the new logo once your cards expire.


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